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    How to auto get field data from other table



      How to auto get field data from other table


      I would like to set the calculation in the field to auto get the field data from other table.

      anyone know how to write the formula

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          Ice Ice:

          Thank you for your post.

          If you have a relationship to another table, then just specify the name of the table followed by two colons followed by the field name from the related table.  For example:


          This refers to the Last Name field from the Contacts table.

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            There are a couple of possible variations here depending on whether you want a dynamic or static link to the data in this table. A dynamic link updates everytime the related record is modified. This can be implemented with a calculation field such as TSGal describes or you can often just place the field from the related table's table occurrence directly on your layout. (This leaves the field in the related table editable unless you take steps to prevent it.)

            With a static link, the current value in the related table is copied over to a corresponding field in your parent table. Updates to the related record thus do not update the value in the parent table. This approach is useful, when you need "snap shot" of the current value such as filling out an invoice and having the current price be looked up without subsequent changes to the price table changing the value of past invoices. This uses an auto-enter field option of either looked up value or calculation to copy the value into a field in the parent table.

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              Thanks for your help.

              I understand the relationship right now. Can I get three different data from parent table at same time? For example: In parent table, there is two field data. First field1 (serial no.) data are SO1, SO2, SO3. Second field2 data are A, B, C. (SO1-A, SO2-B, SO3-C)

              The new table1 created and linked with parent table. Field 1, Field 2, Field 3 and Field 4 created in new table 1. I used field 1 (serial no.) linked with parent table. I type in the serial no is new table1 (Field 1), I know it will auto to show the data (A) in Field 2 (Parent Field2 data SO -A) in new table 1. But I need show the parent table field 2 data “B” and “C” in new table 1 at same time.

              Can you help

              Ice Ice

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                Static or Dynamic?

                Data from multiple matching records or a single record with SO1, SO2, SO3 in different fields?

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                  I am new student for Filemaker. I am not 100% unstanding what is Static and Dynamice.

                  I would like to have data from the parent table when I type in the serial no. and also want show other data for reference.

                  For example, in child table (field 1) type in S01 and (field 2) show up "A" . I know how to do it. But I also want to create (field 3) auto show the data "A",  (field 4) auto show the data "B" and (field 5) auto show the data "C" at same layout.

                  Because the parent table data "A" "B" "C" will change some time. Field 3,4 and 5 data for reference and field 2 data for calculation. I don't know how to slove out this problem.

                  Please advise

                  Ice Ice

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                    I don't fully understand your description. It might help to describe with real data examples instead of A, B, C and SO1, SO2 etc.

                    Why would you need "A" in field 2 and then again in field 3?

                    If you have a child table with SO1 in Field1, you can also define fields in this same record to store "A", "B" and "C".

                    Then, in a parent table, you can use a relationship of this nature:

                    ParentTable::Field1 = ChildTable::Field1

                    To get the values in all the fields (A, B and C) to appear on a Parent Table layout from the matching record in the child table.

                    There are two methods that can be used to do this. One is Static, the other Dynamic. You won't find settings in FileMaker with these labels. These are just my descriptive terms to describe how they are different.

                    With a dynamic link, you just add the fields from the ChildTable to the layout for the Parent record. It's dynamic, because if you edit the values in the child record, these changes automatically appear on this Parent layout.

                    With a static link, you define matching fields in the parent record with looked up value field options that physically copy the date from fields you specify in the related child record. Since the data is copied, subsequent changes to the data in the child record do not automatically appear unless specific action is taken to update the data in the parent record.