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    How to let the user "tab" to the next field



      How to let the user "tab" to the next field


      In a regular form layout with multiple successive text fields, how do you make it so the user can advance ('tab') to the next field without needing to tap the next field manually every time?  I thought there used to be Next and Previous buttons at the top of the iOS keyboard, but these seem to be gone.  Is there a way to get them back or is there another way to let the user 'tab'.  See example.



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          You are allowing users to enter a return character into fields that should not have returns.  To prevent this open the inspector and go to the data tab.  Under "Go to Next Object Using" select Tab, Enter, Return. Make this change on all of the fields where you want the Next key to appear.   The Return on the keyboard will change to a Next key.  You are not seeing the Previous/Next probably because you have the edit toolbar on the keyboard hidden.