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    How to prevent iOS user from browsing records



      How to prevent iOS user from browsing records



           I've created a layout view for customers to submit basic information via an iPad over a Filemaker Network connection. Users enter their info and hit a submit button. The form works fine, however, I can't figure out how to prevent customers from scrolling through other customer records.

           I've created a generic "customer" account along with a  "data entry only" priviledge set that restricts access to only this view. I've played around with access controls on this priviledge set to no avail. 

           What do I need to do to make it so people are unable to browse through records? 

           Thanks in advance for your help.

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               I suggest that you set up a special layout where all the fields you are currently using are replaced with global fields and restrict the users to only this layout. A "Save" button on this layout can check all the fields to be sure that data entry is complete and valid, then creates a new records and uses Set Field steps to copy the data from the global fields into the corresponding non-global fields.

               That way, the only data that is accessible to your users is the current values in the global fields on that specific iOS device.