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    How to print form from IPAD



      How to print form from IPAD



      I have developped an application software for order taking by my sales force. I would like to print the order form when the commercial is at the customer's so that this last one has a paper track of the order

      What solutions?????

      1 ° convert the order filemaker form  into PDF, but in this case how recover the form PDF locatedin the IPAD and how to handle it via a tool to print  it  ( using an apps like  print central or eprint ) ?

      2 ° printing directly from filemaker on a small mobile printer , by example  an OFFICE JET PRO  would seem to be compatible bluetooth with IPAD ?

      3° an other ideas .....


      Thanks a lot for your comments . Wink


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          Hi Pat

          I have  researched the same issue ie. Printing from an Ipad to a small mobile printer 

          The Ipad can only print by WI-FI to a e enabled printer. It cant print by Bluetooth 

          The only suitable mobile printer is is HP OfficeJet 100 Which prints by Bluetooth .

          There is a workaround and you will find an excellent Tutoral on google using the  How to print to a mobile printer

          You use a DC to AC Power invertor 150 Watts that you can plug into a cigeratte lighter

          You use a cheap WI-FI Router that picks up the signel from your Ipad and directs it to your ePrinter 230V. Both are pluged into the power invertor 

          There is some important seting up the WI-FI Router and Printer on your PC first

          The power invertor I use Auto shuts off when the battery DC Voltage falls below 10V DC, I have it set up in back of a van and it really works I print of hard copy receipts to customers 

          I hope Apple are having  look at this Issue Afterall they are touting the Ipad as a mobile business platform. Judging by the forams there are a lot of Business people out there disappointed to put it mildly. Printing by Bluetooth would sort out this Issue.

          Have lots of fun Smile