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How to save password for reconnecting?

Question asked by faustinc on Jun 11, 2015
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How to save password for reconnecting?


The situation is: I wrote a database for our team to use, and we use filemaker server 13 to host, and filemaker go 13 on iPad to connect, every user has his own user name and password to connect.
Everything goes fine, except one thing: filemaker go require us to input password again every time when we swich to other app and go back to filemaker, even for only 2 seconds....even when we carelessly push the home button on iPad, and want to go back to filemaker go immediately, it requires password...

I don't find a check box for saving password, is there anything we can do to solve this problem? Is there anything we can setup on server or any script to write in the host file to choose if we allow user to save password or require password after 15min, not immediately? It's embarrassing especially when we connect iPad to a projector and watch the password input on big screen. Thanks for answering.