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How to set up Location(

Question asked by artdoc on Jul 5, 2014
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How to set up Location(


     I'm not understanding how to use LocationValues (accuracy {; timeout}) in GO 13. The only info I can find about the function simply says it returns text, but I have to figure that there must be a calculation involved? I have tried a plain text field,wondering if it just auto filled when it had info to display, zero results. I tried a calculation but I get told FM "can't find the field!" What field?

     I'm assuming that this is based on the current location of the iPhone user? I was hoping to have a Location field that could be used in a script to stop a timer from working IF the location was changed (significantly). Maybe this is a silly idea, but I thought I'd try. It's to keep worked from forgetting to stop a timer used to track work on various jobs as they move about the area.