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How to update database from iPad

Question asked by pi-comm on Dec 3, 2013
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How to update database from iPad



     I am new to FM, and want to use FM Go for unto 5 users to record tests they carry out in a factory.  I need to update the main database with their results when they have finished.

     During the tests they will have no internet access, so it needs to be done after.

     I do not want to pay for FM server as it is cost prohibitive.  

     What is the best way to update database?  I can see that they could email the database at the end of the day but this looks a bit messy.  Is there any way the database can be hosted on some free cloud storage i.e. Google Drive/Dropbox?  If so, can they just upload results at the end of the day??


     Thanks for any help with this!