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How to: FM Go Troubleshooting?

Question asked by MYoung on Sep 15, 2014
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How to: FM Go Troubleshooting?



Our developer has made an FM Go file to access our Filemaker install. We have it deployed across about a hundred users on iphone 4 through 5c, and a couple times a week I have a user in here because the file is corrupted. They get a 'cannot open' error. We usually either upload the file to a PC and run Repair (it claims the file is fine, 0 errors, but it makes it much smaller and suddenly it works), or dump it and reload a fresh copy on the phone, but either way that's hours out of my day that I'd rather spend goofing off. Does anyone have some resources for where/how the error reporting is done on the iPhone, and where I could start looking in to finding out why our FM Go files are crashing?