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I can't connect "GO" to my macbook

Question asked by DennisMay on Jan 21, 2011
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I can't connect "GO" to my macbook


I can't connect FMGO to my Macbook pro. I'm using FMpro11, and I have one file open and have sharing set to "ON", I have the file selected and "ALL USERS" selected. On the iphone I have boththe IP address and Dennis' MacBook Pro under favorites, and when I click one of these, I get the message "waiting for response" and then the message "No files available"

I've check the settings over and over, I've shut everything down and rebooted, but nothing I've tried has helped.

Can you tell me what I'm missing. Oh, BTW, I'm on a network, sitting right in front of my mac.  I also have bento on both the iphone and mac and it transfers perfectly.

Thanks, Dennis