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    I can't connect "GO" to my macbook



      I can't connect "GO" to my macbook


      I can't connect FMGO to my Macbook pro. I'm using FMpro11, and I have one file open and have sharing set to "ON", I have the file selected and "ALL USERS" selected. On the iphone I have boththe IP address and Dennis' MacBook Pro under favorites, and when I click one of these, I get the message "waiting for response" and then the message "No files available"

      I've check the settings over and over, I've shut everything down and rebooted, but nothing I've tried has helped.

      Can you tell me what I'm missing. Oh, BTW, I'm on a network, sitting right in front of my mac.  I also have bento on both the iphone and mac and it transfers perfectly.

      Thanks, Dennis

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          Dennis May:

          Thank you for your post.

          Bento will only sync via Wi-Fi network; not through IP address, so the connection between Bento and mobile devices is quite different than FileMaker Go with FileMaker Pro.

          Do you have a firewall enabled?  If so, is it set for allow incoming connections for Bento but not for FileMaker Pro?

          Are you using a home network or a company network?  If a company network, does it allow access from outside the firewall?  Or, is the router set up to allow devices outside the network?  Are you using a local IP address or static IP address?  On a Mac, the local IP address would probably start with 192.168.xxx.xxx.

          Please read through Knowledge Base Article #7840 for additional information:


          Please keep me updated with any progress.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I do not have a firewall. I'm using a home network, with local IP address, my router is set to receive port 5003, and my address is set to,

            and I still can not getting any files from my computer to my iPhone.

            I'm beginning to feel like I got ripped off, $20 for Filemaker Go and $149 for Filemaker Pro, I'd sure like a refund.

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              Dennis May:

              Here are my settings....

              iPad - iOS 4.2.1 - Wi-Fi turned on - set to Company network.

              iMac - Mac OS X 10.6.6 - AirPort turned on - connect to Company network - local IP address

              I launched FileMaker Go, opened a database file, turned on Network Sharing and set it for All users.

              In FileMaker Go, I tapped the upper right icon to add a host, and I entered the Host Address only of  After tapping Save, the address appears under Favorite Hosts.  When I tap it, the file from the Mac shows within a second.

              Is there another Mac on the network?  If so, launch FileMaker Pro, pull down the File menu and select Open Remote, and see if you are able to see the other Mac and hosted files.  If so, then I can focus on the iPad connectivity.  If not, then I can focus on the FileMaker Pro connectivity.

              If you are in North America, it may be easier if you contact our Technical Support department at toll-free 800-325-2747.  They will verify the installation is correct.  If they cannot determine the problem, then you can request a refund through our Customer Assistance department at the same number.

              FileMaker, Inc.