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Ideas about pricing

Question asked by appt on Sep 6, 2013
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Ideas about pricing


     Hi all, 

     Over the last few months we have developed a database solution for schools on the ipad. Feedback is through the roof and we are planning to turn this into a business.

     Having no experience in this I was wondering about pricing. We know what we need to charge to set up a school, based on undercutting the huge prices that are charged to schools for 'off the peg' solutions. 

     What we are unclear on is whether it is the norm to charge for continued use (year 2 and onwards). Obviously with stuff like Windoze, Apple software, apps etc you generally pay once and then it is yours until the next major revision, which might be several years away. 

     Because our databases are 'bespoke' we initially thought we would charge per ipad per year but I can't work out whether this is just us being money grabbing. We are likely to need to do some work each year to help the school get set up or to make some design feature changes as the curriculum requirements change but that might not always be the case if we have done a good enough job.

     Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated.