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    image export script



      image export script


      I am trying to find a way to add photos from an iPad.  I have a script on the hosted file that takes an image in a container file, exports it to a location on the server, then re-inserts that image (as reference) to the container.  I have a button next to the container field to run that script which works perfectly from a computer, but not from the iPad.  It seems that FMGO on the iPad is trying to find the filepath to the server and failing.  Is there a way to trigger the script to run on the host computer which can see the server?

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               Filemaker experts,  this is important. I cannot upgrade my FMGO app b/c I cannot backup containers. The export does work on desktop but the export of images to fm12, or fp7 or the merge file does not work. The message on the FMGO is "the script step export records is not supported on this device...".

               here is my FMGO app upgrade workflow that I need to do MANY times. Somebody from filemaker please help me understand that what I'm doing is right. 

               Here is what I need to do upgrade my FMGO app. I need to transfer the current fm12 file from ipad via itunes to a desktop machine, open it in FM12 export the images as fm12 file. Then import these images to a new version of the app put a new upgraded version back on ipad via itunes. 


               Imagine I need to do this on 20 ipads on 10 different locations. We do release upgrades to our app every month or so. 

               Extremely efficient right ?   

               Thank you !


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                 George Kovac:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 FileMaker Go 12 will export Container field files locally.  Merge files will also export.  You cannot export a FileMaker Pro file.

                 You can import from a FileMaker Pro file, but you cannot import into a Container field nor merge files.

                 Since you are having difficulty exporting image files, use the following steps:

                 Set Variable [ $file ; "file:" & Get ( DocumentsPath ) & <container field name> ]
                 Export Field Contents [ <container field name> ; $file ]

                 This will export the Container field (stored in the database file) to the local iPad.  When you close the file and return to the FileMaker Go home page, you will see the file listed on the left side of the screen under "Images", assuming the Container field was displaying an image.  If it is a FileMaker Pro file, then it will be listed with the other FileMaker files.

                 Do the same thing with merge file, and it will be listed under Other Documents on the left side of the screen.

                 Let me know if you need additional clarification.

                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   Would it work to use Import Records to import the images from a container field in FileMaker File #1 into FileMaker File #2?

                   That's how I'd do this in FileMaker Pro and thought this would also work in FileMaker GO. You can even set up external data source references to File #2 inside File #1 and do the entire process from within File #1 (In FileMaker Pro at least.).