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import CSV files into FM GO

Question asked by garynunn on Sep 21, 2011
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import CSV files into FM GO


is there a way to import CSV file data into FileMaker Go for iPad or do you HAVE to have FileMaker Pro to do this?

i have the CVS files saved to DropBox, but cannot figure out how to import it using FileMaker Go on my iPad


can the CVS files be imported into the file using Bento 4 for Mac? can the file that was created in FMP7 be brought into Bento?


the original file i created was in FileMaker Pro 7, but since i upgraded to Mac OS X LiON, FMP7 will NOT run on my laptop anymore...

i dont want to spend $300 on FMP 11, just to import a CVS file into a template 2 or 3 times a year... i had downloaded the FMP11 trial, but it has already expired...


IF i moved everything to Bento.. can you create your own files and templates in bento 4? can you make changes to templates (move fields around, add fields, delete fields, etc..) like you can in FMP?

can i import the CVS data into a file in Bento for Mac and then transfer it to my iPad?


thanks for any help...