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    Import database into iPad



      Import database into iPad


           I have been using FMP Go for over a year on my iPhone - no problems ever

           I export db from mac and attach to email  

           Then tap attachment in iPhone mail which gives me option to open in either Mail, dropbox or FMP Go



           I just put FMP Go on iPad and same attachment gives me 2 options (that don't do the job for me) - Open in dropbox or in mail

           No otion to open in FMP Go

           What am I missing/doing wrong?

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               Hi Robert,

               Which version of FM Go did you install on your iPad?  Which version of FMP did you use to develop your FMP file?

               FM Go 12 is incompatible with .fmp7 files.

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                 Thanks for offer of help

                 I have FMP 9 on my iMac

                 AND, with your nudge, I discovered the attachment was opening on my phone in FMP Go 9 NOT 12 (both are on iPhone)

                 I just now opened the exported attachment on another computer with 12 on it and exported from there

                 I WAS able to open on my iPad - YAAAYYY!


                 Did I over look the no pre FMP 12 db will open in 12 app? 

                 I tried to solve this myself