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Import from FM Go to FM Pro not working

Question asked by hamrichards on May 10, 2013
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Import from FM Go to FM Pro not working


I'm following the recipe in Example 2 on page 8 of FileMaker Go 12 Development Guide. When the script is executed from the iPad, the result is an error dialog bearing the message "The script step "Import Records" is not supported on this device."

     Not only is the example presumably correct (it appears in several other FileMaker documents as well), but FileMaker Go Technical Brief specifically says that Import Records is supported:


Importing records is supported in a scripted process when using the Import Records script step to import from another FileMaker file. Using the Import Records script step, you can ... Import records stored in a local database into a hosted file.


     So I must be overlooking something, and I'll be very grateful to anyone who can reveal to me what I'm missing.