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Import records from multiple tables from Go to Pro

Question asked by ShawnFitzgerald on Jul 27, 2014
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Import records from multiple tables from Go to Pro


     I want to write a script that will import all new records from a file that is on the Ipad using go into a file that is hosted with pro.  I am thinking I can have a common variable in all the records in each table that I can search for and then imopr them however I do not want to import the entire record because each record has a unique ID Number and I just want it to add all the records from the Go program to the Pro hosted file.  Both Files on both the Go and Pro Are exactly the same I am basically just wanting to update one with the other almost syncing all the records on them only adding recods that are not there I do not want to delete records that are on one but not the other.

     Thank you for all your help you guys here are the BEST I tell you.