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Importing data from Go back into data stores

Question asked by on Aug 5, 2012
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Importing data from Go back into data stores


I have created a database in filemaker 12 which now successfully works on our ipads using FMGo.

This entry form allows workers (15) to collect observations whilst in the field, sending them back to be collected in our central database. This could easily lead to 100's of reports a day in future.

The problem i have is how i will get that data back into a database easily. My original plan was to create a script that exported the table as a .csv file then wiped the (GO) table data, leaving it ready for new data, before attaching it to an email and mailing to a mailbox. I would then pick up the files from this mailbox and import into our database to allow reporting etc.

The issues i am now finding are

  • i cant export attachments directly from email to Access or FM
  • i cant select say 20 emails and "save attachments" i have to do this one email at a time
  • and, the attachments are all named the same so the above would create other issues anyway

So the question is, how do i

  1. repeatedly export all data from a GO database, in the field,
  2. send it securely back to me,
  3. then import it painlessly and in one automated hit, into a FM or Access database?

thanks in advance