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Importing Filemaker GO to computer deletes latest record

Question asked by dissertationdata on Mar 27, 2014
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Importing Filemaker GO to computer deletes latest record


     I am using Filemaker GO with Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced to perform data entry for a research project.  Because I do not have access to a server, and I only need to use one computer and one iPad, I planned on copying the database back to the computer through iTunes both to back it up, and to allow me to alter the structure of the database where necessary as the research progresses.  

     When I save the database to the computer through iTunes, the most recently created record is deleted from every table.  I tried creating a blank record, and while this fixed the problem for the parent table, the related tables (accessed through portals) still were missing entires. 

     If I then make any changes and update the database on the iPad, the entries are deleted from both versions.

     Is there a simple way to fix this?  I have looked through the forums and could not find information on this issue, but if there is a thread already that addresses this and someone could direct me to it I would be very grateful.