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importing from one table to another in filemaker go

Question asked by DavidMa on May 14, 2013
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importing from one table to another in filemaker go


     Hi All, I seek for knowledge from all that knows. I have a project that involves me building a filemaker go database. it is a ordering tool. i have to create a product list and beable to make a order from it. i got that part done, i need help in storing the data. i know you can set it to email and send it but i want it store locally so i can import it later to a desktop. so what i have created on a simple method, is a table for items and a table for orders. when they finish the order at hand, then they would imported or copy the order to the other table. i have tried using set field, which don't work well, besides being slow i have issue with going to the next record. I like import method that PhilModJunk has posted. it worked great for pc but when i switch to the ipad it broke and would not start the import function. has anyone have a better idea for this? or is there anyway to import from table to table with filemaker go (table are within the same database...i think reason why file go don't work is ios does not have a file system) 

     the way how I use import is 

     goto layout ["orderStored"(orderStored)]

     import records["products.fp7";add;windows ANSI]

     Thank you in advance.