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    Importing records



      Importing records


      Hi, I must be missing something! Is there a simple way to import a record in FM Go? I don't always have a stable internet connection (Database is hosted), but I need to do data entry so I created a duplicate DB and would simply like to import the records into the hosted DB when I have a good connection. 

      I created an import records button but it does nothing at all in FM Go? 

      I know there are syncing possibilities, but it's a bit beyond my current skill set set this up so trying to just go for something quick and easy!

      Thanks for your help,

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          There really is not a quick and easy way, unless you purchase a sync product.  www.seedcode.com has a free version that sync one table. 

          Here is another link that may help Import from FM Go to FM Pro not working

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            Anita Jenkins:

            Thank you for your post.

            Importing the data (found set of records) into the host from FileMaker Go is definitely possible.  Please read pages 8-9 of the FileMaker Go Development Guide, and particularly focus on "Example 2: Importing from a local source (Source.fmp12) into a remote database (Target.fmp12)":


            Once you find your set of new records, you can then access the host file and run the "Import to Remote" script.

            Let me know if you need additional clarification.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Ani, This scenario was in the back of my mind when I set up portions of this file for you. I've used Get ( UUID ) to assign values to primary keys so there shouldn't be any issues with the new records having primary key values that match to records created on the hosted database or another copy on another iOS device.

              The thing to keep in mind is that adding new records only makes for simple "synching" that shouldn't need a third party product. If, however, you start modifying existing data or deleting records and want those changes to still be in place after the synch, you now have a much more complex process that may very well need a 3rd party synch tool to make it happen for you.

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                Thanks Phil & TSGal.

                My hosting service makes backups every night at 11pm so at this point, there isn't an earlier instance of this file with them.
                I'll download it tonight and try to recover. I agree that 10hrs is reeeallllly slow... Maybe because it is so photo heavy? 

                I do have a copy of the DB that I downloaded about a week ago that works fine as a local file on our iPads, but when I upload it to the server and try to insert pics there, it crashes... 

                Should I try to recover that file even though it works well locally?

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                  If it shows the same crash behavior, definitely!

                  Sounds like you need to set up external storage for your container fields.