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importing records from host computer in FM Go

Question asked by TomPingel on Dec 28, 2014
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importing records from host computer in FM Go


When the client is a computer, my application successfully imports from the host computer. When I put the application onto an ipad, the import, which is in a script, hangs - no error is indicated.

The script steps are:

1. go to layout

2. set error capture on

3. import data from host over fmnet (file reference is fmnet:isp).


When diagnosing, I stuck a series of 'Show Custom Dialogs' to track progress through the script. The first is between 2. and 3. The script does the layout change, but hangs without displaying the dialog box.

Other scripts that do not reference the host change layouts and complete normally.

All scripts in the application that reference the host have the same problem.

I went to 'settings' on the ipad. For FM Go there is an 'allow filemaker go to access' and then 'location' with a 'Never' to the right. These are grayed and cannot be modified.

Is this related to the problem? What am I missing?