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    importing to go from FM Pro



      importing to go from FM Pro


       What is involved in importing an existing PC version of FM PRO 11 flat file to FM GO?

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          Hi Kathryn Ashe:

          Thanks for posting.

          There are multiple ways to transfer a FileMaker Pro database file into FileMaker Go.  The database residing on PC or Macintosh does not affect whether the database can be transferred.  The database you transfer is only a copy, and changes do not get synchronized back to the original database.  One way to transfer is using iTunes to copy the database to your device.

          1. Connect your device to your computer

          2. Open up iTunes from your machine

          3. In iTunes, select the device, such as iPad or iPhone.

          4. Click on the Apps tab in iTunes.

          5. Under File Sharing, choose FileMaker Go and click Add.

          6. Find the database file and click choose to transfer.

          The database file will now be available in FileMaker Go.  You can find this information on transferring files located at http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7754.



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            While this transfers the file and data, keep in mind that your iPad and iPhone have much smaller screens and your finger is much larger than the point of your mouse cursor. Thus, you may need to Use FileMaker Pro to design layouts that are easier to use in FileMaker GO.