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    In scripting an invoicing system, primary record fields become scrambled



      In scripting an invoicing system, primary record fields become scrambled


           I don't know what to call it, so FAQ does me no good: I'm trying to script an invoicing program. I'm working on a group of 4-6 different scripts associated with 4 different files. The primary record file is a list of customers, the system is designed to generate an invoice, assign a number, associate the number with a date, and file the results away in two archives. The problem is that when I start working over the scripts, the primary record file becomes scrambled. Fields suddenly hold the wrong information, e.g., a company name is now "556", the address is now "George Jones", the invoice total is now "Cincinnati". What have I done and how do I fix it? I'm expecting to find that something I did in writing and changing the scripts is responsible, but what is it? I can't reproduce it now-I get nothing at all, but my entire primary record file has become scrambled. I know it can be fixed, because it's happened before,  but I don't know how at this point.

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               You've posted this to the FM Go Forum. Does this have anything to do with GO? It sounds like a question that should be posted to the FM Pro Forum. (See tabs at top of screen.)

               You'll need to describe your database design in much more detail and possibly post your script before we can suggest much. Be careful with your terms used. Do you really mean "file" in what you have posted here or is each "file" really a table in the same file?

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