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Inappropriate keyboard activation in non-editable fields

Question asked by tcmeyers on Oct 16, 2014
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Inappropriate keyboard activation in non-editable fields


I expect someone has reported this, but I could not find it with the search terms I could think of... so I'm making sure it's reported.

In FMGo, any time you put the cursor in a text field (tap in it) one of the keyboards comes up, even if it is inappropriate for that field to have a keyboard. The two cases I'm speaking of are if the field is a calculated field or if it's a field with the Can't Modify attribute. Neither can be edited so the keyboard shouldn't be presented, but it is, and if you try to use it, you get the "Error: This field is not modifiable" box.

It's a pretty big nuisance if you were trying to select text to Copy. Everything moves, often the part you want out of view, as the keyboard surfaces. If you tap the retract-keyboard button unfortunately it takes the cursor out of the field so you can't proceed to try to select.

Should I do an official Bug Report on this?

I am aware of the Web Viewer workaround method, but it's an awful lot of work to just make field content selectable without invoking the keyboard.