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Inconsistent Image Display

Question asked by MadMacs on Nov 12, 2011
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Inconsistent Image Display


I use a series of pictures as buttons to navigate between layouts or run scripts. For the most part I use PNG format images all held within a global table as many are repeted on my different layouts, everything works well in Filemker Pro 11. Here's the odd thing, in FM Go for the most part images display correctly but some images will only show as a file reference eg "size;33, 39 and then file name location" even though the image was stored as a picture rather than the file reference to it. I have checked and rechecked the table and field display settings, I have deleted and reinserted the file as both pictures and as a file references 7 or 8 times because it almost seems that its only storing the file reference and has somehow got stuck. Anyone else experienced this same problem?