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Inconsistently slow Insert from URL on FMGo

Question asked by MarcHill on Dec 3, 2014
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Inconsistently slow Insert from URL on FMGo


I'm experiencing very uneven performance with the Insert from URL script step with iPads.  We use stand alone devices in the field and they sync with our server using Insert from URL.  Using httppost, we set a field with a delimited string of data and then execute a script to parse the information.  The php files will send a result of "Error" if there was a problem, "Success" if the server action was OK, or a delimited string of data response (when applicable) that is parsed on the iPad. 

I've been trying to determine the cause, but it is not something I seem to be able to reproduce.  My users tell me that it will work fine, then all of a sudden it will take a long time (minutes instead of seconds).  And in some cases, it gets stuck (an endless spinning wheel) and FMGo needs to be terminated and restarted to get back on track.  It is also not consistent among users (they are all using the same database on stand alone devices and some will have no issues, while others will experience problems).

My first thought was that the processing scripts were the culprits...they have loops in them so perhaps they received truncated data and were in a loop that couldn't exit as a result.  But when I try to reproduce the issue, it works fine for me with the same data.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?  Any suggestions on where I might look for more information? 

Thanks in advance for any help.