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Insert from Device (Bar Code) - Fails with error 413 (FileMaker Go 13.0.3)

Question asked by user14060 on Apr 15, 2014
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Insert from Device (Bar Code) - Fails with error 413 (FileMaker Go 13.0.3)


     For the past month, I have had a client using a solution that utilizes the barcode scanning functionality of Go 13. Three days ago, unexpectedly this stopped working. I have not done any development in this solution for over a month and they have been using it without any issues.

     The first issue was that every time a user attempted to scan a bar code from their iPhone, an error 101 occurred. This error message would occur even before displaying the camera to scan the bar code. The field used to "receive" the bar code scan was a global field in a unrelated "globals" table. The layout where the barcode scanning script was used was not related to this global table. Again, this worked for about the last month without issue.

     Trying to troubleshoot, I was able to use a global field on the layout that the script ran from and that brought up the camera correctly BUT now after it detects and "scans" the barcode, it returns an error 413 and the field is empty (Error 413: "Specified field has inappropriate field type").

     To try to fix error 413, I have tried the following:

  1.           changing the field to non-global
  3.           change the field to type number and global
  5.           change field to Container and attempt GetAsText (<ContainerField>) to see if I can read the value that way.
  7.           create a whole new field and attempt to use that with the Insert from Device script step.

     I have not been able to get this working for 3 days and have run out of ideas. What is the appropriate field time for trying to use the bar code scan option for Insert from Device? Has anyone seen this and had any luck with resolving this? This is used in a live database solution with one of our major clients. I need help as soon as possible. Thank you.