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Insert From Device - Barcode Clarification on Size

Question asked by SethRedlus on Jul 1, 2015
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Insert From Device - Barcode Clarification on Size & Speed




Just putting this question out to anyone who might know the answer. I am developing a solution that will require barcode scanning, and I'm trying to make the solution work as fast as possible.

Using the "Insert from Device" script step, I am choosing Barcode - but FileMaker gives me the option of specifying the resolution of the picture it's taking to process the Barcode. Does anyone know what the purpose of this is? I have found no documentation that explains why you would or would not want the camera to take a higher or lower-resolution photo.

Is it safe to assume that a smaller photograph will process much faster, but will require the barcode perhaps to be larger and clearer within the frame, whereas a full-resolution photo might permit the barcode to be further away from the camera, and perhaps a little less focused, etc?

I'd also love to know if anyone has had any experience with the speed of scanning a slew of basic barcodes (say Code 39) using the camera - I'm going to start conducting experiments to see how much faster using a device like the $500 Linea Pro is with its Keyboard Wedge software vs just letting a iPod Touch camera shoot a barcode and have FileMaker Go decode it on the fly.

Would appreciate any experience and wisdom any of you have out there.