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Insert Picture not working

Question asked by WillBullard on Nov 11, 2010
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Insert Picture not working


A strange issue started yesterday that I can't resolve. I have a background image in JPG format.  When I first inserted it into a layout it appeared fine on the iPhone.  Then yesterday  I deleted it and inserted a newer version. But rather than display the  image on the iPHone it just shows the path to the file and the image  dimensions. The image appears correctly in FMP.

So I deleted the layout and created it anew. Inserted the image again. Same problem. Just the image dimensions and the path.
Attempted solutions:
1. Tried using PNG images - same results
2. Created new .fp7 test file - interested image - same results
Native FMP images do appear correctly on this layout.
Really strange. What do I need to do to resolve this? I posted this to TechNet yesterday but no one there had experienced this problem.