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    Inserting Photos from Dropbox



      Inserting Photos from Dropbox


      I am creating a database exclusively for use on the iPad that is simply being hosted on a central Mac, and therefor must work around the multitude of complications with Filemaker Go.  For my solution it is required that users be able to manually insert a specific picture for each record they add, and to my understanding that means this image file must be located on the iPad itself for them to do so.  I have been trying to find the best solution for getting the picture they need easily available on iPad, and in terms of ease of use it seems Dropbox is the best option for quickly syncing an image file from any computer or device in my office across all others.  My question comes in then is there any way to insert the picture into Filemaker directly from the Dropbox on my iPad, or must I first download the file to the iPad camera roll before Filemaker can find it to insert?  This creates a problem because we use the iPhoto Photo Stream picture syncing for a completely separate process, and I wouldn't want to have all the images needed for my solution being dumped into the middle of that process.  Is this at all doable, or is there any other ways known to insert pictures into a Filemaker record from an iPad without going through the terrible native photo management on iPad?  Thanks for the help!

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          The files in the DropBox folder are NOT files, they are aliases. When you access them they are downloaded from the 'Cloud' or the DropBox server somewhere in outer space.

          Mostly...  I think on my computer if I place the original Filemaker file in the folder, it stays there but a copy is uploaded to the cloud for sharing.

          You can see this when save an fmp file to the DropBox folder on your computer and when you access this file on IOS it must be DOWNLOADED and then saved and opened in the Filemaker folder.

          Why not create a table for these images in a master file on your office desktop server, Pro or Server. Then your remote clients only need to sync with that file rather than with DropBox and you can automate this and eliminate operator error (but not developer...).

          This is relatively easy to do.