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Interactive Container 12 Now plays all PDF pages!

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Apr 13, 2012
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Interactive Container 12 Now plays all PDF pages!


New improvement on PDFs that works on iPhone but not in Filemaker Pro!

You can read all of the document now. Insert the pdf into the field, commit the record, and then tap the field and tap the View button. You can replace the file, export or delete. Unfortunately the only files offered up for replace are in the Filemaker Go 12 directory. Seems like some extra work is needed by the engineers...

IOS switches to a PDF reader and now you can read the document.

HINT: if you are creating pdfs to read on an iPhone, use 24 pt or larger and a single column for easy readability. I think Filemaker INC should provide pdf files formatted specifically for the iPhone as you see below.