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iOS camera Square image.

Question asked by bigtom on Apr 22, 2014
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iOS camera Square image.


     I submitted this as a feature request. Hopefully I am not the only one that sees this as a valuable and fairly easy option to add. If you think it is a good idea submit a request as well.



     Many contemporary images in containers are square. Many containers used in Filemaker are square. This is especially true in iOS and as well it is evident in most of the Filemaker sample files.

     It seems like access to the square image option on iOS devices should be available through Filemaker via the Insert from Device script step as well as directly from the container.

     Without this simple option images need to be exported and cropped to a square size then imported. Or, the images are stretched to the container and they store data that is rarely seem and slows the solution with unneeded image data.