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    iOS Image Capture



      iOS Image Capture



           1) Is it possible for FMGO to create a unique image file name when an image is captured from an iOS device? I would like to have a file name comprised of the record number, date and user.

           2) Can iOS image captures through a container field be stored to the iOS device directly vs. the db container field? The capture process through a FMGO container field is very slow compared to taking an image directly with the device.



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               The iOS handles naming of the file when a picture is taken.  You could create a database with the information you desire and then have the image contained in a container link to this record.  The capture process is a little slower because the image is being inserted into the container.   You can take several pictures to your photo and later import them into your container field.   Matter of users choice here, take a little extra time between each photo, or when you get back to your office, you can take time to import the photo into the correct record.