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IOS4 Desktop Shortcut

Question asked by RobertKatz on Nov 28, 2010
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IOS4 Desktop Shortcut


It seems there's a little catch 22 right now. I created a shortcut that has my FM Go user name and password for the database, I edited it in Safari on my Mac, and via Itunes I can sync it to the Iphone. This bookmark works in Safari and is a great convenience.But I'd really like to bypass Safari altogether and make a shortcut on my Iphone desktop.

But I cannot find a way to get that shortcut onto the Iphone desktop because in order to do so, you have to be located on the "page" in Safari first and then hit the + button that makes the shortut. But since the URL is FMP7Script://etc. etc.    Safari never gets to that page, it takes you to Filemaker Go directly.  Any ideas or other tricks to accomplish this?