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    iPad  - Host not available or file not available



      iPad  - Host not available or file not available


      I have been reading and trying to share Filemaker using my Mac and Ipad.  

      This is what I have done:

      in MACBOOK Opened FM: FILE - SHARING - FILEMAKER NETWORK SETTINGS - turned NETWORK SHARING ON - under currently opened files selected the file I want, in this case the file name is NOTES - under NETWORK ACCESS TO FILES selected ALL USERS and nothing else is selected in that box .  CLICKED OK.

      In IPAD:  Opened Filemaker to GO : CLICKED ADD - under IP address area entered MACBOOKS' IP address & clicked SAVE

      IP Address appears under FAVORITE HOSTS


      The following appears: 

      The file "NOTES" could not be opened.  Either the host is not availab,e or the file is not available on that host.

      I made sure the file I am trying to acces is in the Filemaker application folder and also that it is opened on the Mac.

      Do I have to make any settings changes or any Mac changes??


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          I have had both FMP 12 and GO installed for a few days now and have encountered the same problem.   

          Here's what's different.   My iphone will connect to the file when I'm on the same wi-fi network.   When I disabled wi-fi on the phone to test it, it gave me the same message: "Either the host is not available or the file is not available on that host".     UmmHmm.   I changed back to wi-fi, and sure enough it connects as it should.  

          (IPhone/pad   print capability is similarly frustrating.   It works when you are in the same wi-fi network, but when you take it somewhere where you actually need to use it good luck, you're left waiting for the printer manufacturers to reluctantly jump through Apple's unnecessary hoops.)  

          Waiting for a fix on this issue....

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            Thank you for your post.

            At the top of the Remote Files and Hosts, there are two icons.  Tap the left icon with a magnifying glass.  This will show you all "Local Network Hosts".  See if your MacBook is listed.  If the file is not local, then you'll need to use the IP Address of the MacBook (not the local IP addresss).  When you turn on Network Sharing, you will possibly see two IP Addresses; one external and one local (e.g., 192.168.xxx.xxx on Mac, or 10.0.xxx.xxx on Windows).  Once you access the Host and display files, see if NOTES is listed.  This will let me know if it is a network or file issue.

            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Kathy Giesbrecht:

              Thank you for your post.

              Return to the hosted file, pull down the File menu and go to Sharing -> FileMaker Network...

              With FileMaker networking turned on, check the TCP/IP Addresses displayed beneath it.  You will mostlikely have an external IP Address and a local IP Address listed.  The local IP Address may start with 192.168.xxx.xxx for Mac, or 10.0.xxx.xxx for Windows.  If you are connected via Wi-Fi, then you are using the local area network.  If you switch to 3G, then use the external IP Address to gain access to the file.

              In my company, I'm able to access hosted files via Wi-Fi.  However, when I switch to 3G, our company has a firewall, and I'm unable to see the hosted files (unless I connect via VPN).

              Let me know if you need additional clarificaiton.

              FileMaker, Inc.