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iPad 2 Camera

Question asked by mcspencer on Mar 15, 2011
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iPad 2 Camera & FileMaker Go - Possible Bug?


Updated to an iPad 2 to test a solution for work.  I was very excited to see that the ability to take pictures using the camera was already there, as I was worried an upgrade would be needed.

However, after taking the picture FileMaker Go won't return to the database.  It will hang after the preview screen, when I select USE it doesn't do anything..  You have to exit out using the home button & re-enter FileMaker Go.  When you return, if the file is hosted on the iPad the picture is in the container field but if it's hosted on a remote server there is no picture.

I've restarted the iPad, removed and reinstalled FileMaker Go and it still does it.  Is anyone else experiencing this issue? 


iPad 2 (Verizon 32GB)

4.3 (8F191)

FileMaker Go version 1.1.2