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    iPad 2 export data to Windows 7



      iPad 2 export data to Windows 7


      Hi, all.

      I have a file which collects some data on iPad 2.
      Now, I need to export those records.
      I have build a  layout with a button which can export all the data in the records.
      Everything goes well on Mac. (I can export all data on Mac by clicking that button.)

      But now, I have another requirement.
      Is there any way I can use to export those records on Windows 7 by just clicking one button on iPad2?
      I mean, I hope I can operate on iPad2, and then all the data were exported on Windows 7.
      Is there any one knows how to do?


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          Howard Lee:

          Thank you for your post.

          I'm not sure how you are specifying a Mac export.  It would be the same for Windows.

          If you are only hosting on a Mac and not using Get (HostApplication) and Get (SystemPlatform), then you should consider this.

          Have a Startup script that checks HostApplicationVersion.  If the file is hosted, then it will be blank.  At that point, you can populate a field with Get (SystemPlatform).  Then, the guests who access the file can check the field to determine what export to use.  A sample script could be:

          If [ IsEmpty ( Get ( HostApplicationVersion ) ) ]
             Set Field [ <designated field> ; Get ( SystemPlatform ) ]
          End If


          Click a button on the layout to execute a script on the hosted file, which then checks for the platform and decides which export script to use.

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

          FileMaker, Inc.