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iPad Label Printing

Question asked by lmiller on Jul 9, 2012
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iPad Label Printing


Has anyone figured out how to devise a screen of buttons to print labels from an iPad to a label printer (like a Zebra printer). I really do not want to rely on a computer to be up and running for an industrial application but using a stand alone print server like the Lantronix XPrintServer would be fine (assuming they ever add Zebra printer support).

Additionally part of the problem is minimizing user contact, I really hope to be able to scan a QR code and get a DB label output with maybe a single button selecting the label layout the user wants.  To reduce cross contamination zero screen contact is ideal, just wave the QR code before camera, and based on time of day the proper label prints and the script resets. Am I asking too much of filemaker GO, a touch screen monitor & web cam would probably work but an iPad would be a much more elegant solution.

UPDATED: I think the scan data to script is the easy part. I have seen a few video tutorials from folks with apps that can be called from the FM web function and then carry the data from a scanned QR code back to FM Go. Its the IOS restrictions on default printers and airprint that cause problems.

Thanks for any insights.


(Currently on FM11, but FM12 solutions are welcome)