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    iPad overheated, All entered data lost?



      iPad overheated, All entered data lost?


           Looking for suggestions,

           My technicians were using Filemaker Go 11 to enter data in a remote location. I give them a blank clone to enter new records into each week that can then be uploaded to the main database when they return from the field. They left the iPad in the sun and it overheated while Filemaker Go was open.  When they re-opened Filemaker Go after the iPad had cooled , the database showed no records.  

           They then continued to use the iPad and added new records and entered into them.  The database now only shows the four records they entered after the crash.  

           I have had the ipad overheat once before but only lost the record I was working on when it overheated, never all entered data. Any suggestions on if it is possible to recover the entries from earlier in the week?  


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               Thank you for your post.

               Overheating should not delete all records.  At the worst, if a new record isn't  initially saved, then any data entered into the fields (including related records) would be lost.

               Check to see if the customer has more than one instance of a file, and see if a different file was opened.

               For the future, consider creating accounts that don't allow users to Delete All Records.

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