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    IPAD Remote access for FMGo to FM Server



      IPAD Remote access for FMGo to FM Server


      We are currently hosting our database from FM Server 11, PC setup.  We have an IPAD with FM Go installed ready to go.  Since the FM dvlpmt guide indicates that "FileMaker Go cannot access FileMaker Server hosts available through LDAP, or view and use SSL certificates from LDAP hosts", what is the next course of action?

      If IPAD is connected via WiFi, would a) an internal IP address be required and b)would "sharing" have to be turned on the server database? 

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          I can't speak about FM Server, but with FMPA on my MacBook Pro, I have to both specify an IP address, fully qualified domain name, or computer name (the last is what I use for the MacBook) and enable network sharing to connect with FM Go on my iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. To connect to my remote hosting account at a third party provider, I use the fully qualified domain name they supply for my account. With this setup, I am able to connect to my FM database anywhere I can get a cell signal on a 3G network.