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iPad Web Viewer-Issue Displaying Google Calendar

Question asked by hiface on Aug 26, 2011
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iPad Web Viewer-Issue Displaying Google Calendar


When a Web viewer is configured to display a Google Calendar - Google Calendar displays a dialog asking for confirmation that you 'really want to use the Desktop version of the calendar when there is a Mobile version available'?. This dialog seems to appear repeatedly for each calendar. If you choose the mobile version - it hangs FMGo. Seems Google cannot distinguish between a Web Viewer running on an iPhone vs an iPad. It would help if the Web Viewer could optionally announce itself a running on a desktop device. Is there a way of announcing the device via the URL?

Or… there needs to be a setting in FMGo to configure the Web Viewer to announce itself as running on a desktop device when running on an iPad.

Exact text of the google message:

"You are trying to use the desktop version of Google Calendar from a mobile browser. Some features may not work correctly. Would you like to use the mobile version instead."