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    Iphone 3g Dialing



      Iphone 3g Dialing


      I'm really new to filemaker scripts, but I'm wanting to be able to dial a number from a field on my iphone. I've read other posts about creating a button with a dial phone script, but I don't know how to set up the script so that it dials the number in a specified field. Could someone please give me the script info that I need to include in the specify field? Thanks!!!

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          Open the file on your computer with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced.

          1. Select the layout where you want to add your button.
          2. Enter layout mode
          3. Use the button tool to add a new button to your layout
          4. Select dial phone as the button's action, click No dialog and click Specify so that you can select the field that stores the phone number.
          5. Select the field by double-clicking it or entering it's table and name: TableName::FieldName Click OK twice and you are done.


          The button will dial the number stored in the field you selected for the current record on your layout.

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            Sweet! That is really helpful. Is there anyway to format the phone numbers in my database differently than without spaces (eg. 1234567891) and still have it dial. Something like this: (123) 456-7891

            Thanks again!