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iPhone6 slow to connect to remote file

Question asked by kuhoodva on Jan 26, 2015
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iPhone6 slow to connect to remote file


iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ running FMGo 13.0.8

iPhone 5 running FMGo 13.0.8

iMac running FMPA 12.0v5

Latest Airport Time Capsule running 7.7.3

Using FileMaker Network Sharing for up to 4 devices for a couple of years now (versions of FM have of course changed over time, I only state this because it is a working solution and has been)

When connecting to the remote shared file from the iPhone6 (or 6+) the initial connection takes 34 second to connect. The same file from the iPhone 5 connects in 4 seconds. The only difference being the device. A subsequent connecting attempt happens within 2 seconds. Force quitting FMGo and relaunching results in the 34 second connect time on the iPhone 6/6+, and only 4 seconds from the iPhone 5

I have created a new test db for testing and the results are the same, 34 seconds on the 6 and 6+, 4 seconds on the 5.

Am I missing something?

Any ideas would be greatly appretiated