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    Is it possible to save user name and password?



      Is it possible to save user name and password?


      Is it possible to save user name and password with FM Go 12?


      Ie, When I connect to my FM server I don't want to type my name and password to log in.

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          Using FileMaker Pro, make a small file and define it to have the same account name and password as you use to access the files on the server. Use file Options to set this file to open itself with the same.

          create a short script that opens a file on the server.

          Use file options to set this script to run everytime you open this file.

          Put this file on your iOS device and everytime you open it, it will automatically open a file on your server without asking for a password.

          Please note that anyone who can access your iOS device can now do the same.

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            You could use RoboForm for Mac, PC and IOS and you do have to enter a PIN after it is set up on IOS but then you can create difficult and hard to remember or crack user names and passwords and the password manager will enter them for you.

            I'm quite happy with it but a few Mac clients I have mentioned it too seem to have their own prefered Mac only password manager. Don't know if it works with IOS but I know RoboForm does.

            The added security offered by RoboForm is worth entering a 4 digit pin, etc.

            One nice advantage is that I have RoboForm online storing a copy of my stuff and controlling it online. I lost one Touch and just changed my online RoboForm PIN and everything is protected. And to be sure I changed all of the passwords letting RoboForm generate 12 or 16 random characters and save them. Filemaker took a few extra steps.

            Don't forget to download the Apple app to find your iPhone and also use the iCloud services to wipe your device if it is lost or stolen as soon as someone uses the Internet.

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              Thanks for the answers. RoboForm is not applicable - I am building a solution for a carrier service with 10-20 iPhones and I want it to be as simple as possible. Ie, take the shortest amount of time when they use the solution. 


              I will look into your solution Phil. Unfortunately that's also not very convenient since the driver must download one more file before they can start using the database.

              What happened to the "Store User name and Password" option we had in earlier versions of FM Go?

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                     For whomever that are looking for the same thing, I have a solution; Create an URL shortcut with the following format:



                     From Safari in iOS you can save this shortcut on your home screen.





                     ...or so I thought. How the heck do you make Safari remembers the URL??? (ie, it's possible to paste the URL, but it's not possible to share it to the home screen.)

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                       You can use the Safari ide but create a desktop icon with Safari for that web page. I've posted how to do these about 4 months ago and I probably have it on my blog. Also, the safari method may expose your user to having their name and password grabbed.

                       Using a navigator file is standard operating procedure for professional developers. For security purposes your client should enter their name and password. You can 'trust' them to lock down their iPhones with PIN number and also the delete everything app if I lose it...

                       If so, then provide each user with their own private file with name and password to match your database. Set it as an auto-open with name and password. Then that file will open your database.

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                         thanks for the input.



                         - I am not able to find the "Create a desktop icon with Safari" solution that you talk about. 

                         - Also, what is a "Navigator" file?


                         Regarding user and passwords it's impossible to sell a solution where you have to enter your username and password every time the iPhone goes to sleep. I don't even understand why it's not possible to store these values as you could in FM Go 1....

                         In that case, as a developer I have to do two things:

                         1. Tell the client about the security threat.

                         2. Build the solution so it's impossible for an iPhone user to do anything nasty to the system.

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                           For creating a Desktop icon, see the link at:

                      Adding Icon on Filemaker Go

                           Although this applies to FileMaker Go 11, you can easily apply it to FileMaker Go 12.

                           FileMaker, Inc.