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Is syncing available via Dropbox?

Question asked by MishaWeidman on Jan 9, 2013
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Is syncing available via Dropbox?


     I'm a single user that needs to regularly keep my DB in sync between my iPad (FM Go) and my Macbook Pro (FM Pro).  Although a kind of syncing is available via iTunes, it is clunky at best, requiring constant copying of files back and forth, with each DB in a "closed" state, no duplication of file names (so can't just overwrite an existing file to update it).  More seriously for me, since I regularly work on both the Macbook DB and the iPad DB, I'm at risk of copying the wrong file over and losing the most recent version.


     I tried uploading the DB to a dropbox folder and using the "other server" tab within Go to connect to it but it didn't work and I'm not sure why.  Does anyone have any thoughts about whether using dropbox to keep the DBs truly in sync is feasible or not?