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Is syncing between Go

Question asked by ChristopherMoore on Feb 5, 2015
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Is syncing between Go & Pro as convoluted as it appears?


I have been both a Bento and a Filemaker user for years. I've used Bento for a couple of simple databases that I sync via wifi, but Filemaker for a larger more complex database that is only on my desktop.

With the discontinuation of development for Bento, I am moving my other databases to FMP Advanced. One of my databases is a cash voucher system where I keep track of cash purchases and disbursements for our not-for-profit. I use both the hosted desktop version and the mobile version daily. I take pictures of receipts that are kept in the database for tax/audit purposes, so the file is too large to email. 

Bottom line question is this: is there no simple way to sync data via wifi between two local copies that transfers only updated records?

This is driving me nuts, and I have to think that there is a simple solution that doesn't run $400/device.