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Is there a published interface (API) to .fp7 files

Question asked by DickApplebaum on Jul 26, 2010
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Is there a published interface (API) to .fp7 files


I would like to interface a FM .fp7 file in an app I write-- I want to create a UI that is not possible with FM layouts.

Specifically, on the iPhone or iPad, I can write an app that recognizes any file type such as .xls, .csv, etc.   I can setup my app to accept .fp7 files as a source-- but I don't know what or how to access the data contained within the .fp7 file.

I would like to use a local copy of an FM .fp7 file on an iPhone or iPad:

-- Issue SQL calls against the data

-- add/delete/modify the records

Is there any way to do this now?

If not, does FM plan to publish an API and allow this in the future?

The reason I ask:  I have a rather complex app that involves programming on the desktop (Mac and PC) and programming on the mobile device.  I would prefer to have the customers buy FMP and let FMP do the heavy lifting on the Desktop (interface legacy dbs and files, reporting, etc.); have FMP and FMG provide the bridge to mobile devices.

If I had a .fp7 API, I could concentrate on the specifics and UI of the mobile app.