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Is this possible?

Question asked by michaelone on Jan 18, 2012
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Is this possible?


I have a small company that uses an Access  Database that syncs with 4 Palm zire handhelds.  The handhelds are used for data collection in the field, brought back to the office in the afternoon and synced with the Access database.  During the day the Access database will have been edited. 

I would like to update to modern times with iphones/pads and a computer running Filemaker.  Looking through the forums it appears that you can have one copy of the database active and transfer it to a device, modify it on the device and then transfer the file back to the desktop.  Can this work with multiple handhelds? Each handheld would update a different subset of records. 

Example:  We have 2 routes.  Each route has a different set of customers to visit each day of the week. 

So, Route 1 Monday, Route 1 Tuesday and so on.  Route 2 Monday and so on.


After each route is completed, would I be able to update Filemaker on the desktop without overwriting the previous device's data?  I hope I'm explaining this well enough.


Thanks for any reply.