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Is this the best way to handle deploying in my scenario?

Question asked by vincel on Feb 8, 2013
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Is this the best way to handle deploying in my scenario?


     I'm using a trial version of Filemaker Pro right now and have designed my database.   Most of my work is going to be done via Ipads.   I do energy audits for buildings so I'll be looking to use a clean copy of the single database I created each time I audit another building.    I don't want to have a computer running Pro at all times to host my files so I need my files stored on the Ipad.   I'm thinking the only way to accomplish this is to first email the blank database to myself to be opened on the Ipad.  Then each time I need to perform a new audit i'll need to open the blank database and first save it with a new name.  Then once the audit is done I can email the database back to myself so I can open the file on my desktop computer.

     From there I'm going to just export the data to Excel until I get to the point where I can get Pro designed to handle everything I need to do with my data.

     Is this the easiest way to handle what i'm trying to do?  Or is there another way to simplify ?