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Is this true? Filemaker Go vs Bento on iPad

Question asked by jt3_jon on Oct 27, 2013
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Is this true? Filemaker Go vs Bento on iPad


     I was reading a blog and came across this: 


FileMaker Pro can be used on mobile devices as FileMaker Go is available. However, for it to work you have to have FileMaker Pro running on a desktop machine, connected to the Internet. This may not seem to be a problem, but it is when you're working in an environment in which you have no Internet connection, because you cannot access the database back on the office machine. It also means that you have to remember to leave FileMaker Pro running and on a machine that can't go to sleep. (It should be pointed out that you can copy the Filemaker Pro database from the desktop machine to the iPhone or iPad for off-line use, and then copy it back. However, with this approach you run the risk of accidentally updating the wrong version and then ending up with two versions of the same file, neither of which is completely accurate.)

Is this true? I currently own bento on my desktop and ipad, and have no problem transferring databases back and forth, editing them on either format, all without internet. This is import to me at the gym for example which has no internet. So I use bento on my ipad to keep track of my reps, weight, etc, and then transfer the data to bento on my mac for storage / review. Can this be done w/ Filemaker Pro & filemaker Go on the ipad without internet?