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Issue with Appearance of Navigation Bar (Prev and Next Buttons)

Question asked by MATTHEWGAYLEN on Jun 2, 2011
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Issue with Appearance of Navigation Bar (Prev and Next Buttons)


The problem I have with the functionality of the navigation bar (with the Prev and Next buttons) is that often (but not always) when it appears it ‘pushes up’ everything up from the bottom 44 pixels and we lose our navigation area at the top of the screen.

But, at other times it will ‘drop in’ on top of the layout (which I think is the way it should appear all the time) and not push everything up. We have spent a lot of time determining when it does this and when it does not – and it is impossible for us to work around.

I understand FileMaker’s reasoning why this bar is necessary – but I don’t understand why it manifests itself in different ways at different times.

Finally, I want to stress that the ‘push up’ effect that moves your entire layout up 44 pixels is major problem for user interaction. FMGo already can ‘drop’ the navigation bar on top of the screen – it does that in some instances – it would be great if it could do it all the time.

Can anyone at FileMaker explain these differences and/or comment on our findings?

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